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Welcome to School Year 2014-15

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night Sailed off in a wooden shoe-
Sailed on a river of crystal light, Into a sea of dew --Eugene Field, 1850-1895

                                    First day of school is August 6, 2014                                                  

     Every  Monday Rise N Shine 7:40am in Gym!

Tuesday- Friday Students arrive to classrooms at 7:40am

Academic Day begins at 8am Breakfast is complete at 8:30


Polo shirts:  Royal or Navy Blue, White, and Gray
Pants, skirts, and shorts: Khaki or Black
School Spirit T-shirts on FRIDAY ONLY!
Sweatshirt: Royal or Navy Blue

No jackets or coats once the students are in the building. If your child tends to be cold nature, a long sleeve white shirt is allowed under Polo Shirt. White or Blue T-shirts are not dress code, POLO SHIRTS ONLY!!

If you have trouble with uniforms, please see Ms. Anderson in the Parent Resource room.