• Every day, all day and on time!
    Good attendance is vital to the academic success of every student.

    Please make sure your child arrives at school on time and as often as possible.

    If your child must be absent, please call the school before 9:00 a.m.

    TPS Attendance Policy

Uniforms/Dress Code
  • Student Dress Code
    Students are to dress for success and must follow Eugene Field dress code.

    Polo-type shirts, sweatshirts or oxford shirts in the solid colors of gray, white, navy or royal blue.

    Students may wear sweaters, zip-up sweatshirts if they are in the solid colors of navy, black, blue, gray or white.

    (Hoods must be left down and are not permitted to be worn in the school building).

    Slacks, shorts, jumpers, skirts and capris in the solid colors of navy, black or khaki. (Cargo shorts and pants are not allowed).

    Pants and shorts must be fitted at the waist.

    Shorts and skirts may not be shorter than 4 inches above the knee per TPS policy.

    Joggings, leggings, or tights may be worn under skirts/dresses but may not be worn as pants.

    Athletic shoes are required every day (shoes must tie or Velcro).

    Clothing must be without rips, tears or soiled.  

    For safety reasons, coats, purses, or backpacks are not allowed in the classroom.

    Students should dress appropriately for the weather.

Parent Involvement
  • We Love It when Parents are involved in our school!
    National Parent Involvement Day was November 16, 2017.  Parents received a thank you letter, a free QT drink coupon, a continental breakfast and a bag of goodies.

    Parent Letter

    Please contact William Beebe, Clerk/Parent Facilitator, at 918.746.8842 for parental involvement information.

    Parent Improvement Plan



Stand up for every child; join the Eugene Field PTA.  What is PTA? Why join PTA? the number one reason to join the PTA is to benefit your child.  In doing so, you help the school.  But there are many more PTA advantages:

  • Speak Up
  • Get Connected
  • Be a Role Model
  • Discover Great Resources
  • Witness Improvement
  • Tap into a Network
  • Watch yourself Grow

Membership fee $5.00

Contact Bethany Bristol 918.746.8840 for more information.

School Procedures
  • 2017-2018

    Students enter and go to the Cafeteria to pick up breakfast.

    Students quietly exit the Cafeteria and go Directly to their locker and classroom.

    Be a Proactive Leader in control of your mind, voice, body and space.


    Be at school on time and ready to learn.

    Control your mind, voice, body and space.

    Be a leader and follow directions.

    Hall Procedures

    Use line order.

    Walk on the right side.

    Face forward.

    Hands behind back.

    Respectful voice level.


    Walk in quietly.

    Three students in the serving line at one time.

    Sit in line order at assigned table.

    Raise your hand for help.

    Stay in your seat at all times.

    Use Level 1 voices.

    Line up in line order when dismissed.


    Go straight to the playground area.

    Stay outside once you leave the school building.

    Respect everyone's space.

    Play and stay in the safe area only.

    Be a leader on the playground.

    Line up quickly when your teacher signals.

    Field Trips

    You must have s signed permission slip to attend each trip.

    Please wear appropriate clothing as instructed by the teacher.

    Remain seated on the school bus.

    Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated on trips.  Teachers are responsible for students the entire field trip.


    Pre-K to 1st are released from the GREEN hall.  Parents may enter through the south.

    2nd to 5th grade who are walking home will exit out the FRONT doors.

    2nd to 5th grade who are being picked up will remain inside the building until parent/designee arrives.

    Students remaining will be kept in the front area for pick-up.

    Students are not allowed back in the building after they have been dismissed. 

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