For Parents
Have you visited the Parent Resource Room Yet? 

If your answer is NO, PLEASE stop by soon!  Ms. Anderson has several resources to help parents and families. 

Interested in learning how to use a computer; Microsoft Word, Excel, and many other functions. Stop by the resource room for more information.

Parents and Faculty work together for a better Eugene Field School. Parents play an important role in providing support along with building the confidence of their children to do good in school. Here are some tips or activities for parents to use to develop their children’s confidence and improve their school experience.

The following is a link to the Tulsa Public School website for Parents:

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to be a volunteer at Eugene Field. It is up to the volunteer to commit to the amount of time he/she wishes to serve.  Please visit with Ms. Anderson and fill out a volunteer form to volunteer. Volunteers can earn points for every hour of service at the school, points are used to purchase items in the volunteer room and/or on uniforms for students. Shopping occurs for parents every third Friday.

2012-13 Volunteer of the Year

Dr. Riley,Principal  Stefani Ledoux,Volunteer  Colette Anderson,Parent Facilitator Connie Thrasher,Sr.Volunteer  Angela Graham, 3rd Teacher
Become active and join the Eugene Field PTA!!! Your membership is more than paying money and belonging to a club!.. Your membership  is a voice for every child at Eugene Field! Any one can join PTA.. PARENTS, AUNTS, UNCLES, GRANDMA  OR GRANDPA!.. PASTORS, COACHES, MENTORS!   PTA  is for the CHILDREN!... A VOICE FOR EVERY CHILD!!!  please note just by joining PTA DOES NOT automatically sign you up to volunteer, unless YOU want to, JOINING PTA... SHOWS YOU CARE ABOUT THE STUDENTS OF EUGENE FIELD!!!

Classrooms are having a contest to see which class can get the most membership!.. There will be a 1ST, 2ND, AND 3RD PLACE CLASS that wins. Contest is August 1 to October 1. Membership is $5.

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