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Welcome To Eugene Field Elementary!

At Eugene Field Elementary School, our mission is to excite, engage, and educate every student every day, so that all students will be academically, socially, and emotionally prepared for their future! We are a community igniting the joy of learning in every student to achieve their greatest success.

Focus on the Whole Child

Creating high-quality learning experiences means educating the whole child by meeting his or her social, emotional, and academic needs. With strong social and emotional skills, our students will be able to set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. We also have counseling support services on site to better support our students' social and emotional health.

Montessori Method

Montessori classrooms are learning laboratories in which children explore, discover, and select their own work. This model recognizes the importance of student choice in creating engaging learning experiences and building independent learners. Our students learn and understand the values of compassion, empathy, service, integrity, self-reliance, and tolerance. Click here to learn more.

Eugene Field elementary

mONTESSORI: Pre-k 1 -1ST

2249 S. Phoenix Ave. 
Tulsa, OK 74107
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Phone: 918-746-8840
Facebook: EugeneFieldES

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Our namesake

Student looks excited at outdoor event at school


I am bright, there is nothing I cannot do. 
Yesterday's failures are behind me. 
Today's successes are yet before me,
And I will make today the very best day of all 
For this day begins the rest of my life.