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Information on the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative project
As the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative project continues, Tulsa Public Schools is aware that many families have questions or concerns about how it will affect them.
The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Project will improve affordable housing options thanks to a $30 million grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This initiative will rebuild neighborhoods and housing, expand opportunities, create pathways to jobs, and strengthen families. Included in the project is a required resident relocation process for the Riverview and Brightwater apartments. This process will impact several families in the Eugene Field and Webster middle and high school communities.
Regardless of where families might move, there is a place at Tulsa Public Schools for your child, and we want to make this transition as easy as possible. We are partnering with residents, the Tulsa Housing Authority and Urban Strategies to minimize the impact on parents and families. During this relocation process, Tulsa Public Schools will discuss transportation options if you would like to stay with your child's current school; provide support if you would like to transfer your child to another school in the district; and help keep your child in the district if you move outside of city limits. We are here to serve and support you and to provide your child with a great educational experience, and that will never change.
For more information on the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative and the resources available, click here.