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Eugene Field teacher receives a surprise and classroom supplies

Third grade teacher Nicole Morgan received a fun surprise in October! The LoveWell Collective partnered with Oklahoma Toffee to present their first LoveWell Award to Nicole at Eugene Field Elementary.

LoveWell Collective shared this about the surprise:

"We wanted to celebrate Ms. Morgan well and surprise her with the additional gift of affirmations from students and colleagues. According to colleagues and students, Ms. Morgan is big on puns, quotes and sayings. One recent joke she told her class: 'One of you is an OWL!'

The kids say 'WHO?'

And Ms. Morgan replies, 'YOU are the owl!'

In addition to being a 'punny' teacher, Ms. Morgan will move desks around often to create a new environment for students. She "Mor-phs" all the time into something new and relevant. She is known as a walking, living dictionary.  She knows all about technology.  She could have a career in computer software and she is the Google docs queen too."

Nicole was nominated by fellow 3rd grade teacher Robert Babcock. 

Robert shared: "I would define Ms. Morgan as a person who lives out 'the change you want to see in the world' every day. She lives for the children in her life both her birth children and her classroom children. She cares how, what, and why her students learn. She has attention to detail on lesson planning so every student receives a quality education. Ms. Morgan freely shares her six years of educational experience with peer teachers. She makes learning fun and relates her teaching to character traits found in everyday life like the outdoors and the show Avatar. She encourages, uplifts, corrects and promotes the daily lives of her students and fellow teachers with humor, expertise and creativity."

Nicole was presented with $200 worth of classroom supplies selected from her Amazon wishlist. LoveWell Collective also gave both 3rd grade classes backpack tags with their class charter to carry with them and provided four reams of copy paper for the teacher workroom.