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Eugene Field Elementary School

2018-2019 Parental Involvement Plan


Eugene Field Elementary School administration and staff believes that parental involvement is an essential component in the educational success of our students. In compliance with Title I, we shall encourage parental involvement and pledge to work together with parents to ignite the JOY of learning in every student to achieve their greatest success.

A. Title 1

Eugene Field Elementary will meet once a year with parents and stakeholders to explain the Title I policy/program, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and Annual Yearly Progress (AYP). We will discuss Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA), Achieving Classroom Excellence (ACE) and parent rights under Title I.

B. Parent Involvement

Eugene Field will promote parental involvement through use of the volunteer program, parent meetings, parents reading in school, and the E.F. PTA. Activities such as: literacy nights, fall carnival, PTA movie night and community dinner and fun nights are scheduled throughout the school year.

C. Accountability

Eugene Field Elementary provides a variety of measures to ensure a partnership with the teachers and parents. Together we are committed to creating a collaborative, structured environment that meets and exceeds the needs of the child. Parents and students receive the Eugene Field parent and student handbook and the District Behavior Response Plan. Parents, students and teachers will sign a Compact annually that outlines the responsibilities each holds in the education progress. Progress reports, phone calls, parent/teacher conferences and report cards will be provided to the parents to help monitor their child’s progress.

D. Communication

Eugene Field Elementary School will make certain that information is provided to all parents. We will communicate with parents through phone calls, School Connects telephone messaging system, marquee, website, flyers, text messaging, parent/teacher conferences, Meet the Teacher and Back to School night.

E. Education

Eugene Field Elementary School shall provide material and instruction such as literacy and math training. The parent resource area will house parenting books, pamphlets and community resource information.

F. Other Requested Activities

Eugene Field will develop functions that are reasonable and practical for community organizations and business to help in parental involvement activities. Our partners actively support Eugene Field students, parents and staff as a valuable community resource.

G. Teamwork and Participation (Volunteering)

To ensure 90 % Parental Involvement as partners, we need parents’ support by volunteering at least (10) hours at the school. Research has shown when parents are active in their child’s education and when their families actively support them, students are more likely to succeed in learning. With dedication coupled with the ongoing support from parents, teachers, staff, students, and community, success is inevitable.


This policy is in accordance with Public Law 107 – 110, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)-Title I Parental Involvement.
Reviewed/revised September, 2018