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Pick up - drop off

Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off

There is no one to supervise children dropped off at Eugene Field before 7:20 a.m. Children should arrive at school at 7:30 a.m. 

In order to ensure the safest place for our students, every person entering the building must now be buzzed in via the door bell. Please press the bell once and wait to be assisted. You must have valid ID for picking up children and make sure to remove hoodies, hats, and any other times that may hide your face. The doors will remain locked all day. 

Pick Up

Parents who need to take a child from school during the day are to report to the office. Teachers are instructed, as a safety measure, never to release a child from class without permission from the office. It is important to make sure your child leaves school only with the authorized people. We will release a child only to persons you have listed on the enrollment form. Inform the school if someone different will be picking up your child. A student cannot be released from class until an authorized adult has signed him/her out in the office. The adult picking up the child must show a driver’s license or picture ID and be listed on PowerSchool as a person who may pick up.

Messages left for students in regards to after school plans MUST be made before 2:10 p.m. with office staff. The end of the day is very busy and that is the only way to ensure that your child will get the message.

No early pickup between 2:15 p.m.—2:35 p.m.

Student Procedures


  • Students enter and go to the cafeteria to pick up breakfast.
  • Students quietly exit the cafeteria and go directly to their locker and classroom.
  • Be a proactive leader in control of your mind, voice, body and space.


  • Be at school on time and ready to learn.
  • Control your mind, voice, body and space.
  • Be a leader and follow directions.


  • Use line order
  • Walk on the right side
  • Face forward
  • Hands behind back
  • Respectful voice level


  • Walk in quietly
  • Three students in the serving line at one time
  • Sit in line order at assigned table
  • Raise your hand for help
  • Stay in your seat at all times
  • Use Level 1 voices
  • Line up in line order when dismissed


  • Go straight to the playground area
  • Stay outside once you leave the school building
  • Respect everyone's space
  • Play and say in the safe area only
  • Be a leader on the playground
  • Line up quickly when your teacher signals

Field Trips

  • You must have a signed permission slip to attend each trip
  • Please wear appropriate clothing as instructed by the teacher 
  • Remain seated on the school bus
  • Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated on trips


  • Pre-K to First grade are released from the green hall. Parents may enter through the south hall. 
  • Second to Fifth grade who are walking home will exit out the front doors. 
  • Second to Fifth grade who are being picked up will remain inside the building until parent/designee arrives. 
  • Students remaining will be kept in the front area for pick-up.
  • Students are not allowed back in the building after they have been dismissed. 

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